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Online marketing the most effective marketing tool

Marketing has evolved through the years from the time the first known proactive marketing initiative was launched with the wrapping ofsoap by Sir William Lever, the founder of Unilever, at his father’s grocery store at Port Sunlight in England, and naming the wrapped soap after the village he lived in. It was the birth of any product being wrapped in any coloured paper. “Sunlight” soap with such humble beginnings is today a household name in many countries.

This simple marketing strategy initiated by young William Lever started a revolution in marketing, throughout England and today has spread out to every corner of the world. Since then marketing has evolved in leaps and bounds, with the newest being digital marketing, which primarily uses the internet, to bring products and services close to our fingertips. Using the internet to market products and services is becoming popular as time constrains are telling on busy consumers.

The three major search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo provide the median which needs no finances to use but is sustained from the many advertisements that are carried in them. Every progressive and aggressive digital marketing agency would endure to reach the top of a search engine page to brand their clients products or services. Our company Melbourne seo would always strive to offer our best when it is search marketing that any of our discerning clients needs.

We can achieve search engine optimization by being proactive in our continuous updates to the websites that we administer for our clients. SEO is the name of the game, because to be on the top and maintain the top slot you need to be constantly upgrading and updating your websites. Any slack and you could be relegated to a lower slot. Like the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm”, being on top gives you that extra advantage over others.

Any seo company would want to hold the top slot because only then that their client will have the exposure that they need. Any company offering better seo services is sure to rank above others. With online marketing becoming a very effective marketing tool, and being successful too there is a clamour to get on the band wagon and rule the roost.

The internet is the ideal place and search engine marketing orsem is very widely used to help procure products, services and even to assimilate information for a very wide consumer base.  


Top jobs in sri lanka for discerning job seekers

Sri Lanka is recuperating fast from thirty years of internal conflict and political instability and now is the opportune time, if you are thinking of relocating back to your home country or those who would like to make this resplendent island, your home for a few years. Sri Lanka has many things to offer, beautiful beaches, a rich cultural history, a very hospitable populace, sunshine throughout the year, an advanced communication network, good roads, fantastic choice of cuisine, hotels in picturesque settings and above all a very peaceful environment.

Rakiyawa offers potential job seekers thousands of new Sri Lankan jobs online, and have helped many to achieve their dreams of the perfect job to suit their qualifications and aptitude. We have a wide selection of topjobs and our new job vacancies are updated on a daily basis. We strive to offer the best and whilst we screen our prospective applicants prior to forwarding them, to prospective employers, we also screen our prospective employers prior to carrying any of their vacancies on Rakiyawa. We maintain high standards and expect our partners too, to follow suit.

We help prospective applicants to submit a detailed but concise CV,which would give the prospective employer A to Z information about the applicant. The CV or the Curriculum Vitae must carry all the information that the prospective employer expects from the candidate and also it should have the required substance to reciprocate a call for an interview. If the CV does not create the required interest in the reader, a call for an interview would be a distant dream. Hence it is imperative the CV is professionally prepared and presented. It is first impressions that count and we will do our utmost to get the candidates suitability across, to the employer and vice versa.

We have some great jobs on offer and have some very exciting Sri Lanka jobs to comply with your qualifications and experience. Rakiyawa has some top jobs and anyone wanting to succeed in Sri Lankan jobs should confidently visit us and we will have the tailor made future awaiting you. To get the top job you must be the top person someone out there is looking for. To be in top job Sri Lanka and succeed in the best jobs you should work hard towards it. We have many new jobs too, and can offer some great perks to go with them too.       


Biohistory foundation

The biohistory foundation is a non-governmental organization, sustained on private donations and is a non-profit entity founded by Dr. Jim Penman PhD, an academic with more than forty years of experience in research biology coupled with human social and cultural behavior. It was founded in the year 2007 and is presently operating from Mooroolbalk, in the State of Victoria. The foundation will move into spacious premises by the year 2016 and take biohistory to higher levels.

His theories in anthropology and animal behavioural patterns have initiated research programs in leading universities in Melbourne which have confirmed his findings. His study on epigenetics or the transfer of non-genetic traits to offspring over generations, has founded new treatments for acute alcoholism and drug abuse.

Dr. Penman’s theories followed by extensive research with other academics, is the result of ten peer review comprehensive articles which have confirmed some startling results in animal and human behavior.

Comparing these studies with the rise and fall of the Greek, Roman, Egyptian and other great civilizations of the past, the west is becoming vulnerable to the effects of today’s drastic changes in society, which could finally result in the fall of the west too.

Biohistory the amalgamation of biology and history is a subject under a dark cloud due to it’s controversial theories and the research that has confirmed some of what Dr. Penman has been trying to put across to the powers that be.

The breakdown in societal and DNA changes coupled with the slow growth of the economy, depraving disciplines, receding population growth are some of the indications that everything is not right with western civilization, and the same fate that befell some of the civilizations of the past could happen here too.